Oh my goodness, I literally have not posted for exactly one year and four days!!! That’s not good. ;-(
My sons girlfriend Alex Sadd of Huntin Hunies!!!(https://www.facebook.com/HuntinHunies?fref=ts) just suggested that I start a blog… hee, hee. Guess I better get back to it.
Here’s to focusing on Elegant Shells !!! ;-))
This nook was shelled a few years ago in a sweet sun room, on Clearwater Beach, FL. Creating permanent installations is very rewarding for me. I like shelling fire places and walls, trim and chair rails, etc.


There are so many things I didn’t like to do when I began my seashell design business over a decade ago.  Marketing is one of them!  Now I can get caught up for hours online when I really should be in my studio creating new pieces.   You know, kind of like I am doing now. 😉 However I do have a plan to start blogging a bit …a lot more than I have.  So today I am going to list for you and actually “me”, all the links to my social network for Elegant Shells,  ie. Heather Kendall Designs…Here goes:

ElegantShells.com and .net

Heather Kendall Designs Face Book

ElegantShells Twitter

ElegantShells WordPress Blog


Big Cartel ElegantShells Store

There’s more, but that’s good for today.  I encourage all my business friends to dive in to social networking!  It is fun once you get the hang of  it and very worth while, as it allows you to create an online presence  gaining customers and notoriety.

Tonight I am going to a Creative Pinellas Kickstarter workshop

Keep learning!







Designed for the Easter weekend Boca Grand, Florida. Art Show! Sold, but if you like it I can make you a very similar one. ;-)) http://www.elegantshells.net

Here is a little insight on how I work…;-)

I receive a call or an email.  I ask questions and listen to  what the “seashell dream” is.  From  there I sometimes sketch an idea and email photos of possible designs and seashell choices.

Sometimes an inspiration piece, such as the plate.

See?  These communications help all of us get on the same page and once I have approval  and a 50 percent non refundable deposit…I order all that I need for the project, and get to it!

Days later… yes we enjoyed delicious dinners, gorgeous lunch swims and beautiful cloudy days …but let’s not forget the amount  of sunscreen applied, the hard, hot, pavers, the sweat and Ibuprofen consumed.  All in a days work for a seashell  artist, right? 😉

It is finished and I do think it turned out very pretty.   We only used 2 1/2 of the huge buckets of crushed shell that Judy Hagen and I collected via Kayak.  I really appreciate that I have assistants that are wiling  to work as hard as we must.  There is no mistake that parts of this job are very enjoyable, like the locations and the clients, the houses, and the art.  However, finding someone adventurous enough to paddle against the wind to an island in the middle of Tampa Bay, collect four huge buckets of heavy shell, load them up and paddle home…well that takes a very special person. Thank you Judy. We do share a lot of great laughs too.



sea shell and sea glass fountain

Friday evening we finally arrived around 5:30. Fed ex did their best to get my supplies to Tampa.  3rd Street Cafe offered delicious local Grouper, crab stuffed mushrooms and complimentary Sangria. I talked to Alex about some mirrors for his restrooms and entry.

Yesterday was mostly beautiful with intermittent sun and clouds, wind that dried our grout quickly but also created some great waves for a lunch swim. Enjoyed a delicious Newlins Lobster roll w/ cherry tomatoes. YUM! Tracy mentioned some perspective sea shell clients and Boca Grande trunk shows. 😉

Storms arrived at about four o’clock forcing us to unroll all the tarps and secure them to the best of our ability, in 60 mph winds…:-)

sautéed Soft Shell Crab at The Temp made up for the weather. Now Sunday Our Lady of Mercy at 9:00 and back to work. I feel blessed.

Going to start using Ping as my new multi purpose, posting dashboard. However, it still does not allow me to post to four Twitter accounts at once? Wahhh.

I am looking forward to next month Oct. 17th as this is the date for the next show on my favorite little Island of Boca Grande. This Island is inhabited by some of the most wonderful clients I have known. They are gracious, full of knowledge are serious travelers and have wonderful taste. I look forward to my visits to shell fireplaces deliver mirrors and chandeliers and attend the bi annual art show. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by for a visit.
I’m uploading a few examples of my BG work.
My best,