There are so many things I didn’t like to do when I began my seashell design business over a decade ago.  Marketing is one of them!  Now I can get caught up for hours online when I really should be in my studio creating new pieces.   You know, kind of like I am doing now. 😉 However I do have a plan to start blogging a bit …a lot more than I have.  So today I am going to list for you and actually “me”, all the links to my social network for Elegant Shells,  ie. Heather Kendall Designs…Here goes: and .net

Heather Kendall Designs Face Book

ElegantShells Twitter

ElegantShells WordPress Blog


Big Cartel ElegantShells Store

There’s more, but that’s good for today.  I encourage all my business friends to dive in to social networking!  It is fun once you get the hang of  it and very worth while, as it allows you to create an online presence  gaining customers and notoriety.

Tonight I am going to a Creative Pinellas Kickstarter workshop

Keep learning!