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Days later… yes we enjoyed delicious dinners, gorgeous lunch swims and beautiful cloudy days …but let’s not forget the amount  of sunscreen applied, the hard, hot, pavers, the sweat and Ibuprofen consumed.  All in a days work for a seashell  artist, right? 😉

It is finished and I do think it turned out very pretty.   We only used 2 1/2 of the huge buckets of crushed shell that Judy Hagen and I collected via Kayak.  I really appreciate that I have assistants that are wiling  to work as hard as we must.  There is no mistake that parts of this job are very enjoyable, like the locations and the clients, the houses, and the art.  However, finding someone adventurous enough to paddle against the wind to an island in the middle of Tampa Bay, collect four huge buckets of heavy shell, load them up and paddle home…well that takes a very special person. Thank you Judy. We do share a lot of great laughs too.